Thursday, March 11, 2010


I feel so awful for not posting any updates; I have been getting comments and emails wondering where I disappeared to since getting my braces off.

Well... I've gone to living a normal life! I am now living a life that doesn't revolve around obsessing over my face, my teeth, my surgery, my appearance... and it's awesome!

I have waited years for the day when I could say that it's over, and it finally is...

And it was worth every minute!

Thanks to everyone for supporting me; I never would have started this journey without the inspiration from my fellow bloggers.


chris k said...

Absolutely Stunning. Way to go friend. All the best from here on out!

June said...

You look great. Congratulations! How great to be finished with this chapter of your life. I scheduled my surgery for May 6. I'm freaking out. After reading your blog that said it was "worth every minute" it sure makes me feel better. Any other words of advice?

Makay said...

gorgeous! how exciting... i can't wait till i get my surgery and can look like that... and smile like that. :D all my teeth... for now i look crazy though. A cross-bite, underbite, and openbite= ugly smile. :( trust me. haha. i can't wait for the END! Only 1 1/2 years and i will be done. hard to believe.

since your bite before was oh, so very much like mine check out my blog and leave me some advice here and there... just follow me. thanks. haha. ;)