Thursday, September 18, 2008

oh snap, that gap

i had my adjustment on tuesday, and there isn't anything too exciting to report.

I had my chain changed (bluuue!) and today the teeth around my gap are sore, yay! dr. arango didn't even mention the surgery... in fact, he was on the phone while he was checking my teeth.

next appointment is october something or other.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


...I tried to post an entry a couple of days ago, but blogger decided it would have none of that, and so I angrily abandoned it for awhile.

I was pretty sick during the week of my last scheduled appointment, so I had to reschedule. My next adjustment is September 16. My front bottom teeth have moved only slightly, and there is no way the gap will be closed by my next ortho visit.

Other than that, nothing really new going on. I'm thinking about my surgery more (if that's possible), and I would love to have a date to be able to write on my calendar and circle with a big red pen.

happy labor day!!