Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ortho visit... red chain!

Thanks to everyone for their input on my tooth/gum pain. It has subsided for now, and I'm silly and haven't made a dentist appointment yet. But I so will!

I had my latest adjustment this past Tuesday, and it is the first adjustment in which my teeth haven't been sore afterward. I had my old, silver powerchain replaced with a fancy red one; which, oddly enough, seems less noticeable than the silver one. Go figure.

I still have this annoying gap in my bottom teeth, but Dr. Arango says it's closing. "It just takes awhile," he told me. Argh! My next appointment is August 22, and that is when we're supposed to look at surgeons. I hope this pesky gap is closed by then. Already, though, I can't fit my tongue all the way in it, like I could a few days ago.

I saw some pictures a few days ago of myself from the side... my bottom lip sticks out so much! It looks like someone punched me. I'm really hoping to have my surgery in December, after this next semester is over. Hoping, hoping...

Take care!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I've been having a lot of pain in the gum area between two of my top teeth since I had the power chain put on. The area has been really sensitive to hot and cold, and tonight the pain started to shoot upwards into my face, and I can't really drink anything without feeling like someone just ran her fingernails down a chalkboard. To make it worse, I tried flossing between the two teeth and blood started pouring out of the irritated gum. There doesn't seem to be any food or anything stuck up there... I'm really worried. Unfortunately it's the weekend and I can't call a dentist until Monday.. Owwie, it hurts!! What could it be?!