Thursday, December 6, 2007

First Bracket--- See ya!

So two days ago my boyfriend brought me Chinese food at work (sweet, I know). Just as I was taking a bite of a scrumptious little wonton, my first bracket came off (front bottom tooth, right side). I was waiting for it to happen!

Dr. Arango's office was able to squeeze me in this morning to repair it, and they took the top and bottom wires off and put new ones on. Before, the wires didn't extend back to the very last teeth on the top and bottom of my mouth; today that changed! Now I'm all wired up, every last tooth (except my wisdom teeth, which I was lectured about again today--"Get those out of there, girl!")!

The tension is back...tomorrow it will hurt... Yay! :(

Since I had to come in early, they extended my next appointment to the 7th of February. I hope no more brackets fall off in the meantime.

Here are some pictures...everything looks the same to me. I know, I know, it's only been six weeks ;)

On a side note, the number one thing I've heard since getting braces on is "Why do you have braces? Your teeth are straight!" I've gotten tired of explaining the surgery, so now I just smile and say, "Fine tuning!"

Also, I can't believe how many people used to have braces. Almost everyone I work with had them when they were younger; it's crazy! People have been whipping out their permanent retainers, their lip scars from poky brackets and wires...things that I didn't even know existed just by looking at them...And it makes me feel better! :)