Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a year and a half in braces...

hey all.

thanks for your comments... i'm still alive!

i am fully recovered from having my wisdom teeth taken out. I was so worried about having dry socket, but everything went really well! Also, I'd never been put under before--or had an IV--and I must say, it wasn't so bad. i felt pretty good when i woke up :)

the past couple of months have been tremendously irritating on the braces/surgery front.

i still owe a couple hundred dollars to dr. vetter's office. money has been very tight lately, and my boyfriend recently lost his job. i'm struggling to pay my rent, let alone pay off my surgeon consultation from last october.

last week i went in to dr. vetter's office to make a payment (finally) on my account, and i asked the financial coordinator lady what i should do next. she said since they hadn't spoken with me in a couple of months, they hadn't yet faxed my application for surgery coverage to the insurance company (cigna). she did it that day, and they asked for more proof that i need the surgery by last friday. she sent in xrays and whatever else they requested, but i got a letter today that says that cigna has denied my request. to be honest, i was expecting it, but now i'm not sure what i should do.

to make matters worse, the financial coordinator at dr. vetter's office told me that capital one financing, who works with the office to finance patients, has discontinued offering medical loans. they are trying to find another company to work with.

soo... is anyone else paying for this surgery out of pocket? it looks like that is what is going to happen with me (if someone will finance me!!). I'm just wondering if there's anything else i can do, besides appeal to the insurance company. hold a freaking bake sale?

i also had a dentist appointment last week, and it was so painful! the dentist flossed my teeth and her hands were covered in blood when she was done. and i try and floss regularly, too!

i want my surgery now, please!

/end frustration rant