Tuesday, September 4, 2007


okay, I have the most exciting news so far in my blog's history!!

My braces are going on October 26th.


I made an appointment with Dr. Arango (arangoorthodontics.com) and everything went really well! He was very helpful and informative, and he really took a lot of worry off my shoulders. He told me to try not to worry about finding a surgeon and everything for the moment, and that I should focus on the braces part for the time being. He said that when the time comes he'll give me a list of surgeons that he's worked with before and help me try and work things out with Cigna.

He uses something called the Damon system, which looks pretty cool. Does anyone know anything about this?

Unfortunately, the braces will cost me 240 dollars a month for 12 months. I'm paying 2400 of the total 5000 dollar bill.

I was so happy to finally get this started I almost cried.

They did x-rays and molds...It was weird to see my x-rays on the computer screen (I've never seen them before). It made it "real", so to speak, to see my jaw positioned so incorrectly on the computer. It makes me wonder what happened...why did my face grow like this? Why did my top jaw develop so narrowly? Questions to ponder...

Anyway, yay! I'm going to look silly with braces, though...