Friday, August 24, 2007

no, really, time flies

sooo after all this time i finally made an appointment with an orthodontist listed by cigna's website for next thursday! yaaay! the receptionist told me to have 200 dollars when i come to pay for the molds and xrays, which they'll do for 50% off if i do it the same day as the consultation. i'm excited, but a little nervous. i'm a bit upset with myself for taking so much time to finally get things started, but the problems i had with the last orthodontist really deterred me! my face is all i can think about lately. it might all just be in my head, but i feel like my jaw is getting worse! i feel as if just in the last year my upper teeth have receded more behind my lower teeth. they don't fit together at all anymore, and my jaw hurts all the time. it hurts the most when i yawn and try to hold my mouth closed with my teeth together. i'm ready for this to be fixed!! no more "hey, you look like jay leno!" :(